Top 10 Hacks Which Left The World Shocked & Surprised

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2 min readJul 18, 2022

We are going to present to you the top 10 hacks which left the world shocked and surprised. These episodes of data breaches and hacks were shockingly horrifying.

They left my jaws dropped and eyes wide open:

The Conficker: This computer worm is regarded as one of the largest computer worms in human history found to be reported in more than 200 countries and in the PCs of millions of users. Reputed platforms such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and Facebook along with Gmail and Hotmail were also infiltrated by this worm.

Target: The 1797 stores of Target have hacked altogether between November 27 and December 15 of 2013. This was a huge blow to everyone at that time.

Sony Pictures: In 2014, Sony Entertainment and its employee’s life turned into hell when hackers barged into all of its computer systems and wreaked havoc. But the reason behind this intrusion was nothing but giving people at Sony Entertainment a tough time.

O.P.M: A bunch of black hats blatantly attacked the Office of Personnel Management (O.P.M) and acquired control over the data of more than 4 million users and 4 million former users.

Sony Play Station: Over 77 million users of Sony Play Station faced problems as their accounts were hacked in 2012. To curb this hacking spree, Sony Play Station almost shut down 93,000 accounts and more.

Albert Gonzalez: Albert Gonzalez, the man who hosted a 75,000 dollars birthday party for himself, did so by stealing the credit card and ATM numbers of more than 1,70,000,000 users between 2005 and 2007. Later he was condemned to 20 years of imprisonment.

Ashley Madison: A very famous dating site used by married people to cheat on their spouse and indulge in affairs was hacked creating havoc and wrecking several families. Many influential people were also affected due to this hack.

T.J Maxx: Customer credit card details of T.J. Maxx and Marshall's network were hacked giving away tonnes of crucial customer data on a large scale.

Stuxnet: This cyberattack was initiated by the United States of America and Israel and is regarded as one of the most high-profile cyberattacks to date.

Microsoft Word: A micro virus had been found to infiltrate Microsoft Word on March 26, 1999, affecting all the users of Word. The people who used Outlook 98 or 2000 were spared from this virus.

Which of the above hacks left your jaws dropped?



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