Measuring DevOps: Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

  • Happy customer
  • Employee attrition rate
  • Verification and validation time in a sprint
  • Build verification time in a sprint
  • Deployment time in a sprint
  • Overall time from planning to deployment
  • Manual and automated reviews/approvals
  • Bugs/Issues (Critical/blocker issues, Major issues, Minor issues)
  • Security vulnerabilities (Critical/blocker issues, Major issues, Minor issues)
  • Code smells — Coding practices (Critical/blocker issues, Major issues, Minor issues)
  • Automated unit tests coverage percentage
  • Automated functional tests coverage percentage
  • Automated regression tests
  • Automated integration tests
  • Automated security tests
  • Static application security testing
  • Dynamic application security testing
  • Test data, stubs, test environment availability, test summary reports, notifications
  • Quality gates related to coding standards, unit test coverage, and security/audit
  • Severity of issues, resolution time, and cost in terms of time, money, and productivity
  • Environment-related issues and configuration management related issues



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